4 Inch BioPot
4 Inch BioPot
4 Inch BioPot

4 Inch BioPot

The 4" BioPot is designed for veg and it is equivalent to a solo cup of sub straight minus the plastic cup. The BioPot with the all-in-one fabric pot with compressed coco makes it even easier to use our high quality substrate for your growing needs.  

  • RHP Certified
  • Buffered
  • Very low EC. Less than 0.6
  • Free of pathogens
  • Stabilized for proper PH 6.0-6.5
  • High Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) for optimum nutrient uptake
  • 4 Inch size
  • Solo cup equivalent 

Minimum Order - 10 Boxes - 128 Units Per Box - 1280 Units Total

Pallet Size - 54 Boxes

For more info on RHP certification please visit https://www.rhp.nl/en/home