Creating a clean, high-quality medium for optimal growth.

Char Coir is the highest grade coco available and is sourced from a single farm to ensure consistency and quality. Each batch comes with a chemical analysis available to the client and serves as a testament to our quality and standards.

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What is Coco Coir?

Coco coir is an organic product derived from processing coconut husks from coconut trees grown in tropical and subtropical areas. The processing of coco husks to obtain coco coir involves a series of steps, including aging, washing, rinsing, buffering, drying, grinding, grading, and compressing. These steps are necessary to change the physical and chemical characteristics of coco coir so that it is suitable for plant growth.

Without proper processing, coco coir will have excessive salt content, resulting in problems with Pythium root rot. This can lead to nutritional imbalances, including calcium and magnesium deficiencies. Here at Char Coir, we take all the necessary protocols to ensure the cleanest, most consistent Coco Coir substrate available.

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All of our products are produced in-house by our facility, and not outsourced, to ensure consistency and quality.


"The recommendation to use Char Coir bags was on point, it’s simple, fast and extremely effective. Due to your recommendations we have shaved time off of our cloning process, getting fully rooted plants in 10 days. I never thought I could replace rockwool for cloning, but I’m sold. The load and water nature of the Char Coir Coco bags is incredible, it’s simply add nutrient and go. We are producing a better product, faster, with less expense all around. We can’t thank you enough!  Reaching out to GrowGeneration and your team has already proven to be one of the best business decisions I have made so far. Your service and consultation experience has already saved us money, time, and labor. Your response times are fast, always within a few hours or less of my email, you always answer the phone, and have been available for our every need. You guys are exactly what we were looking for, a one stop shopping, attentive sales team who treat the small guys just like the big ones"
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