70/30 Coco + Perlite

70/30 Coco + PerliteCOMING SOON! Char Coir’s industry-leading coco is now available in a 70/30 Coco and Perlite blend, the ultimate growing medium designed for indoor and outdoor cultivation. This premium 70/30 blend of coco coir and perlite is meticulously crafted to provide your plants with the ideal environment for robust growth, ensuring bountiful yields and […]

Coco Coir

Coco Coir Coco Coir professional grade growing medium. Coco Coir is a 100% Coco RHP-certified horticulture growing medium made from coconut fiber. Coco Coir has received RHP certification from Holland. This assures our customers that coco coir is made using the highest standards in the industry. Why Coco Coir? 100% RHP Certified CocoCoir Buffered Very […]

Cloud Coir

Cloud Coir Cloud Coir is ready to grow RHP-certified blended coco coir and perlite medium. One of the most important elements a plant needs to grow is oxygen at the root zone. Cloud Coir is a 50/50 blend of perlite and coco coir.  Cloud Coir is the perfect ratio for roots to thrive and not […]

Coirganic Coco

Coirganic Coco Coirganic Coco is a 100% certified organic growing medium made from coconut pith and fiber. Coirganic Coco received its certification from CDFA (California Department of Agriculture), the strictest organic certification in the industry.  Why Coirganic Coco? CDFA Certified Organic Coco Coir Naturally Buffered Very Low EC Free of Pathogen Stabilized for Proper pH […]

Coco Slab

Coco Slab The Coco Slab measures 3 ft long, 8 inches wide, and 4 inches tall. This product allows you to plant several plants without transplanting into traditional pots.  Why the Coco Slab? Naturally Buffered Very Low EC Free of Pathogen Stabilized for Proper pH 6.0-6.5 RHP Certified for Horticulture 38 Liter – Coco Coir […]